The Bill Clark Foundation is dedicated  to the memory and the values of our dear friend, Bill Clark. We are  committed to the education of young  minds, because our friend believed that every person is important, and deserves  the best possible chance. We are dedicated to fostering the development
of talent and character, because our friend believed that the world has poignant need of integrated and capable people. We support all teamwork, because our friend loved collaboration towards a worthy goal. We insist that every candidate for a Clark Foundation Fellowship is willing to serve the community, because our friend would never settle for anything less than personal commitment to   genuine goodness. The Bill Clark Foundation works, for young people and through young people, to improve the world by improving each community.


The young person our foundation is best suited to help is a high school student who works hard, and is trying to develop along lines of excellence. We are looking for academic achievers, but we are interested in all indications of sincere and persistent effort. A scholar- athlete is a wonderful candidate, but we would like to help a student who is involved in any co-curricular program that promotes leadership and teamwork. We are delighted to consider both young women and young men. Financial need is an important consideration, since private and/or parochial education tuitions are particularly challenging for families to meet in these difficult times.
We are dedicated to equal opportunity.